Using SOAPS in a Discipleship Relationship


  • At Live Oak we believe the reading of and reflection on God’s Word is catalytic to your faith.  There are many approaches to reading and reflecting on scripture and at Live Oak we often teach on and encourage one way, called SOAPS.
  • SOAPS is simply an acronym that guides you as you engage God’s Word. It is designed to help you read and reflect on a passage of Scripture. Journaling SOAPS helps us hear from God and learn to apply what we have read to our life and circumstances.
  • You can utilize SOAPS in a discipleship relationship!  Very simply put…
    You and your discipleship partner or group decide on which passages of scripture you will read and SOAP during the time leading up to your next meeting. You will bring your SOAPS notes with you and share your big takeaways an applications when you meet.  Live Oak has SOAPS journals you can use and of course, we have on-going reading plans you can follow together!



Here is a break down of SOAPS:

  • Open a blank page of your journal.
  • Write down the date and the scripture section you are going to read (the chapter and verses…you don’t have to copt the entire passage)
  • Read the passage and pick the scripture or scriptures that most stood out to you, then begin the SOAPS process:

Write down an “S” and then the main Scripture(s) that stood out to you from a section of reading.

Write down an “O” and then document what you have seen and observed in the Scripture. What? When? Where? How? What is happening or what is being communicated? What is God trying to say to me through this part of His Word?

Write down “A” and then personalize what you have just read and write down how it applies to your life.  Ask yourself, “How will my life be different because of what I just read?” “How does it apply to my life right now?”  “If I believe this is true what does that mean for my life.”

Jot down a “P” and write out your prayer. This can be as simple as asking God to help you use the Scripture, or it may be a greater insight He is revealing to you. Make it honest and heartfelt!

Write an “S” and consider if you may want to share some of your daily journaling with your family, friends, or small group. By sharing with others, you may gain new insight or encourage others.