Conversation and Question Prompts

Below is a compilation of good questions you can ask during your discipleship time.  These are designed to get the heart of things and to support one another as we pursue a transformational relationship with Jesus.

  • Have you spent time in the Word and in prayer this week?  What were your roadblocks?  What made it easier?  Big take away?
  • Have you spent time reflecting on your identity in Christ this week?  What did that look like for you?
  • Since we last met have you shared the gospel or your testimony with an unbeliever? Or did you share God’s encouragement with someone else?  Tell me about that?
  • Have you spent quality time with your family/ friends this week?  What did that look like?
  • Have you viewed, thought or participated in about anything immoral, toxic, not God honoring this week? Tell me more bc I want pray for you and be a support in it.
  • Have you been intentional in applying scripture to your life this week?
  • From 1 (bad) to 10 (great), how do you feel like you are doing spiritually this week?
  • What would you need to feel more encouraged and joyful in Christ this week?
  • Is there anything else that you need to confess?
  • Is there a burden that you need help carrying or prayer for right now?