Easter at live oak

What if HOPE is more than just wishful thinking?

Hope is a powerful thing. 

The lack of hope can lead to deep despair, 

but the presence of hope can be a game-changer. 

But is there is more to hope than just wishful thinking? 

How do you live with hope in moments of darkness, doubt, despair and discouragement? And how can you be a hope-bringer to people

in seemingly hopeless situations? 

Join us for LIVING HOPE on Easter Sunday, April 21, and the three Sundays following, as we seek to understand what it mean to live a hope-filled life!

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, APRIL 28, MAY 5 and MAY 12

Service times are: 8:30am, 10:00am & 11:30am.  

(Because we want to make as much room as possible for as many as possible

we have opened up a third service for Easter Sunday and the three Sundays following!

We will return to our usual 9:30 and11:00 services on Sunday, May 19)

***There is excellent, safe, and FUN children's experiences offered for

babies-5th graders at all three services***



-You really can wear what you want. The majority of Live Oakers wear casual clothes.

-Hot Coffee can be found in at multiple coffee stations in the foyer.

-We have an area in our foyer called GUEST CENTRAL where you can ask questions and grab a first-time guest gift!

-If you have kids who want to go to our children's experience (and believe us, they will want to): 

Babies-PreK go to the east wing of the building; 4 year olds-5th grade check in at the west wing (these directions are clearly designated)

-Speaking of kids...we have secure computer check-in. You are given a tag that matches your child's and you MUST present it in order to pick up your child at the conclusion of service. You can also rest assured that if your child needs you during service, their tag number will show up on the corner of the main screens.

-6th through 12th graders attend our main services. Our student ministry, LOSM, meets on Wednesday evenings.

-You don't have to worry about being pointed out as "new" during the service. But chances are you will be greeted by many, because Live Oak is a friendly place and we love new faces.

-During the teaching portion of our services, our Pastors show scripture on the side screens. You can still bring your Bible or pull up your online Bible too. If you need a Bible, we have free ones in our foyer. We provide Bible Reading Plans that go with our Sunday series, because we want to help you engage God's Word on your own.  Reading Plan bookmarks are provided on-site, and can also be found here and on the Live Oak App.

-When you are with us be sure to turn in a CONNECTION CARD to let us know about you and to ask for specific information. CONNECTION CARDS can be found in the chair pockets in our auditorium -OR- you can fill one out HERE