How Do I Start a Discipleship Relationship?

Jesus invites us to BE His disciple. He also tells us to “go and MAKE disciples”. A disciple is a learner of Jesus who is becoming more like Jesus. And disciples make disciples.

How do we get started making disciples?  Discipleship happens best life on life; one person to another. So, the way to get started in anything is simply to start. Take a step. Here are some first steps you could take:

  • PRAY –

Pray and tell God you want to be a disciple who makes disciples. Ask for wisdom of who you could approach wither to disciple you or for who you could disciple.

  • ASK –

Make the ask. Go to someone and ask them to walk through this plan together for a set period of time.

  • MEET –

Set a first meeting to get started on the plan. At your first meeting, decide the length of each meeting and the duration of how many weeks you will meet. Discuss any expectations practically for meeting together and hopes for how you hope God will use this discipleship relationship.

Remember, discipleship relationships can be peer to peer or an older person leading an younger person
Suggested size of a discipleship relationship is 2 to 5 people
Pair up with someone you already know from Small Group or a serving team
If you re not in community a great first step might be to engage in community or serving so you can establish some relationships.
Ask friends to help you match up with potential disciplers or disciple-es