Life can get crazy. The demands of our time, schedules and emotions pull us in many different directions. And regardless of whether you're been married for one year or 50 years, there is one constant challenge facing every couple -- to connect. MarriedPeople exists to provide couples with one-on-one time through DATE NIGHTS and the monthly MarriedPeople E_ZINE.


What's a DATE NIGHT?

>>>Date night is for all married couples looking for a fun night out that is different from the normal "date night" routine. You simply sign up and we provide a date night packet that helps you plan a night of FUN and connection for you and your you can get out of that "rut."  

The DATE NIGHT packet is totally free and you will pick it up from Live Oak at the beginning of your night. (For those who need childcare in order to participate in date is available at the church for a nominal fee, upon reservation, and runs from 5:15-8:30pm.)



MarriedPeople E-ZINE 

This monthly E-Newsletter is designed to be that nudge for couples. A nudge to have a conversation. A nudge to laugh. A nudge to think. It is a monthly marriage e-mail that contains resources and articles that will help bring you together. Mush-free. To sign up to receive the monthly E-ZINE, simply send an e-mail with the subject E-ZINE to

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