Sundays 9:30/11:00

beginning 10/23

What if life ISN'T about looking out for "number one" but rather looking out for ONE ANOTHER?

During this 5 week series we will take a look at some of the one another statements found in Scripture that speak to unity, love and humility.  What might our lives look like if we followed Christ's footsteps in how we treated those around us?  What might this world look like if all chose a life of one anothering?


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Series Resources

  • ONe Another

    bible Reading PLan

    Find part 1 HERE

    Find Part 2 HERE (begins week of 11/6)

  • Watch a sunday message

    Find online messages HERE

  • social media profile pic

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  • weekly discussion questions

    Find discussion questions that go along with weekly messages here.

    Week One (Sunday, October 23)

    Week Two (Sunday, October 30)

    Week Three (Sunday, November 6)

    Week Four (Sunday, November 13)

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  • List of One Anothers in New Testament

    Find it HERE