Jonah is a new series starting March 24th

Jonah was a man who loved God, but he did not love what God was asking Him to do. 

What do you do when God asks you to do something you absolutely don’t want to do? 

In this 4-week series we will take a deep look at book of Jonah and some important truths for our lives.

Check out our series resources below...

helpful tips if you are new


You really can wear what you want.  The majority of Live Oakers wear casual clothes.

If you have little ones who want to go to our childrens' experiences (and believe us, they will want to): 

Babies-3 year olds go to the east wing of the building4 Year olds-5th grade to the west wing.  

(Check-in Areas are clearly designated)

And for those babies- 3 year olds...we have secure computer check-in. Head to the East wing of our building (you will see it Check In clearly designated). You will be given a tag that matches your child's and you MUST present it in order to pick up your child at the conclusion of service. You can also rest assured that if your child needs you during service, their tag number will show up on the corner of the main screens.

You don't have to worry about being pointed out as "new" during the service. But chances are you will be greeted by many, because Live Oak is a friendly place and we love new faces.

Our Sunday Services are about an hour long.

We have an area in the middle of our foyer called GUEST CENTRAL. It's a great place to visit to ask any questions you have. 

You can also turn in a CONNECTION CARD to let us know about you and to ask for specific information.  CONNECTION CARDS can be found in the chair pockets in our auditorium -OR- you can fill one out here.

Got Questions? Email us