Live Oak Student Ministry

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6:00pm LOSMeal: we provide a light dinner for $3/student.  Your child can decompress from the day, grab some food and connect with other students and their leaders.
6:30pm-8:00pm LOSM worship, games, teaching and small groups!

Our current series:
Join us for Choose Your Own Adventure: a 4-week series on spiritual habits.
Whether it’s a journey to Mordor, The Upside Down, outer space, or wherever Forky ran off to this time, we all love a great adventure story. Maybe that’s because, deep down, we know we’re designed to live an adventure story of our own — and with Jesus, we can. There is no greater adventure than the journey of knowing God more deeply, so in this 4-week series, we’ll talk about for ways we can do that: by spending time with God, spending time with others, sharing our stories, and using our gifts to serve others.