Seniors are invited to join us for a study just for them called Moving On.

  • This study will happen Wednesday, September 21 through November 9 and will take place during normal LOSM.
  • It will be a co-ed environment for any and all seniors, led by our 12th grade LOSM leaders
  • All our welcome…invite your senior friends!


Check out this overview of MOVING ON:
All of us want to help our students start to identify the mission God has given them, but most of our students have more questions than answers when it comes to figuring out what’s next. It’s our job to help them uncover the hints and breadcrumbs–burdens, passions, visions–God has scattered all throughout their lives.

Burden – What breaks your heart
Passion – What brings you to life
Vision – What God is telling you to do
Mission – The road you’ll take to get there

These clues come from your students’ pasts, their gifts, their skills and their experiences. When we help our students put these pieces together, the road ahead gets a little more clear.