DIFFERENT: A Study of the Life of Daniel
Message-Based Discussion Questions
September 8th, 2019



(The questions this week are written for groups meeting for the first time to help you get to know each other discuss this week’s sermon. If you are not a new group, you can use these question or modify or skip the ice-breaker questions and go down to the DIFFERENT questions below.)

*ICE BREAKER 1: “Unique Introductions”*
Have everyone introduce themselves this way:

• A unique greeting (Example: Hi, Hello, Aloha, Bon Jour, Greetings, What’s up, etc.)

Everyone has to have a unique opening greeting line. No repeats. Must be unique greeting word or phrase that has not already been used by someone else during this ice breaker.

• Name and a 1 minute bio of who you are (include any family info, what you do during the week, what you do for fun, and how long you have attended Live Oak)

Example: “Hi. My name is Doug Halcomb. I’m Senior Pastor at Live Oak, married to Jennifer, 2 kids, Jean & Gracycia. Graduated from Tech in 1993. For fun I like to watch movies and travel. I’ve attended Live Oak from 1993- 2004, and again since 2012.”


*ICEBREAKER 2: “Lightening Round”*
• Start with the leader and ask a question that is either an “either/or” type question or a “what is your favorite___________” fill in the blank type question.
Example: Beach or mountains? TV or Movies? Favorite movie? Favorite food?

• Each person in the circle answers the question with the one who asked the question answering last.

• Then, the person to the right asks their own “either/or” or “favorite” question.

• Each person in the circle answers that question with the person who asked the question answering last.

• Go all around the circle until everyone in the circle asks a question.

• This gets everyone talking and participating.

• Try to keep the pace up and keep a lightening round type of feel.

*ICEBREAKER 3: “Hopes for our Small Group”*
• Have everyone share why they were interested in joining a small group AND what they might be hoping to experience in this small group.


DIFFERENT – A Study of the Life of Daniel

READ: When King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah in 605 B.C., his empire was the greatest in the world. He brought educated, young, male Israelites like Daniel and his friends back to Babylon to serve in the king’s palace. Daniel and his friends found themselves living in a different place with different beliefs and different values and faced a difficult path, but they choose to be different and their difference made a difference. This series focuses on the lessons we can learn from the life of Daniel and how he chose to be different and his difference made a difference.

READ or have someone read: Daniel 1:1-21

QUESTION FOR GROUP DISCUSSION: What stands out to you from Daniel’s story in Daniel 1?

READ: The Babylonians took the 10,00 captives from Judah, including Daniel and his three friends, gave them different names, a different diet, and a different education all based on the Babylonians values and religious beliefs. These values and beliefs were very different from Daniel’s. He was faced with a choice: stand up or blend in.

What are some of the ways you’ve seen people blend in with the world?

 What are some examples of standing out for God in the wrong way you’ve observed?

Share about a time when you stood out for God in the right way. What resulted from your taking a stand?

What do you think is most difficult about standing out for God and not blending in?


READ: This week’s big idea:   Different makes a difference. God defines your difference. God empowers your difference. And God uses your difference to make a difference.

What do you think it means that “God defines your difference”?

What are some ways we can pursue God to define your difference?

Why is it important that God empowers your difference?

How do you think God empowers your difference?

What are some ways you have seen God use someone’s difference to make a difference?

Have you ever experienced God using your difference to make a difference?


Next Steps:
What is your next step from studying Daniel 1?

How will you specifically seek God this week to help you define your difference?

How will you rely on God to empower your difference this week?



Close by spending some time praying for each other.  ***Challenge everyone to pray for each other throughout the week.