Baby/Child Dedication is about us wanting to publicly celebrate your decision to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus AND to walk alongside as you do that!

We celebrate Baby & Child Dedications twice a year: every May and November.
You and your child will be recognized and prayed over during a Sunday service. Our next Dedication takes place on Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day) during both services.

Baby & Child Dedication is for parents of little ones who are seeking to raise their children in Christ-centered homes. It is for parents who invite their church family to support them in this honorable endeavor.  Baby/Child Dedication is not infant baptism or christening…it is about the parents’ intention to seek Jesus as they raise their child.

*If you are interested in participating in Baby/Child Dedication, complete this FORM.
If you can’t participate this May, you can pre-sign up for the November 2020 Dedication.
*Once you complete the form, we will be sending you an email with all the details, but please anticipate a mandatory Dedication Class prior to the 10th.

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