We are so excited to be getting back in the swing of things this fall! If your child will be coming to LOSM this fall we would love to get to know them, fill us in here.

If you are interested in serving within LOSM we would love to have new parent faces as well, we could always need extra hands and loving hearts. Let us know here if you are willing to help us.

Our Current Series:

Who needs christmas?

November 29th

The entire world needs Christmas!

To help students understand that 
even when God seems silent, He is 
still working and can be trusted.

ging them to approach it with some curiosity instead of dread.

December 6th

God needed Christmas 
to demonstrate His love.

To help students understand that 
Christmas proves to us how far God 
will go to demonstrate His love for us.

December 13th

Christmas is for people who need freedom.

To help students understand that because He sent Jesus to the world, He can not only forgive us of our sins, He can set us free from our sins.

December 20th, 27th, and January 3rd


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • HElp us with our Wednesday night LOSM Meal!

    Most Wednesday nights we serve a light meal to our students and volunteers! The LOSM meal is $3 per student unless...YOU HELP WITH THE MEAL!   Want to help out?  Let us know HERE!  

    If you would like to help serve the meal email Tammy

Summer Camp 2018 - July 11th-16th

We are thrilled to be returning to Glorieta, New Mexico this summer for a week full of group development, amazing teaching, and amazing adventures!  We know it is early to be thinking about the summer but we understand summers get really busy and really full really fast and we want to give families plenty of time to plan financially for camp costs.  

Here's what you need to know:

Camp total is $400.

Camp deposit is $100 due upon registering your child.

Camp remaining balances are due June 3rd.

We will be doing a raffle fundraiser February-March to help students raise funds.  In the past, many students have completely funded their camp from selling raffle tickets.

If you have any questions please email Tammy. 

Register your child here


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We are here to serve you and partner with you.  Do not hesitate to contact TAMMY ROBERTS, Director of Student Ministries, with questions, concerns and ideas!

 EMAIL Tammy

The "Why"

By the time your student graduates high school we want them to embrace and experience these truths:

-I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator and model this for others

-I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what he says and what he says about me

-I exist every day to demonstrate God's love to a broken world.

This is our strategy to connect with and build into students...

SMALL GROUPS...We believe that small groups are where we grow. That's when we can unpack all we have been learning and what it means in our lives! This is where the magic happens!  We offer age and gender based small groups on Wednesday nights. Small Group leaders facilitate meaningful conversation about how Jesus and Scripture intersects with real life now!

CONNECTIONS... Our goal is to know and care for your student...to know what's going on in their lives.  We want to come see them when they participate in extracurricular activities.  We want to track with them during their week though texts and phone calls. For this to happen successfully we need to know when they have games, concerts, performances etc.  Please send us their schedules!

INTERGENERATIONAL WORSHIP on SUNDAYS...We have learned that inter-generational worship can be catalytic to a student's faith so we encourage our families to attend Sunday services and worship together! 

CULTURE OF SERVING...We do not meet on Sunday mornings because many of our students are serving within the church. Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 students leave the church and their faith when they go to college. However, it also shows that students who are serving and putting their faith into practice are more likely to maintain their faith when they leave for college. That's what we are striving for!