Church-wide bible

reading plan

FearLess Bible Reading Plan

Week of October 8

Monday: Daniel 1

Tuesday:  Daniel 2

Wednesday:  Daniel 3

Thursday:  Daniel 4

Friday: Daniel 5

Saturday: Daniel 6

Sunday: Psalm 3

Week of October 15

Monday: Mark 1

Tuesday: Mark 2

Wednesday: Mark 3

Thursday: Mark 4

Friday: Hebrews 10

Saturday: Hebrews 11

Sunday: Hebrews 12

Blessed Reading Plan

10/22 Our Generous God

Monday: Psalm 1

Tuesday: Psalm 2

Wednesday: Psalm 5

Thursday: Psalm 24

Friday: Psalm 28

Saturday: Psalm 33

Sunday: Psalm 112

10/29 Blessed?

Monday: Psalm 34

Tuesday: Psalm 37

Wednesday: Psalm 40

Thursday: Psalm 41

Friday: Psalm 45

Saturday: Psalm 49

Sunday: Psalm 62

11/5 Blessed are the Doers

Monday: Psalm 119: 1-24

Tuesday: Psalm 119: 25-48

Wednesday: Psalm 119: 49-72

Thursday: Psalm 119: 73-96

Friday: Psalm 119: 97-128

Saturday: Psalm 119: 129-152

Sunday: Psalm 119: 153-176

11/12 Blessed are the Forgiven

Monday: Psalm 32

Tuesday: Psalm 65

Wednesday: Psalm 67

Thursday: Psalm 72

Friday: Psalm 84

Saturday: Psalm 89

Sunday: Psalm 134

11/19 Bless the Lord?

Monday: Psalm 94

Tuesday: Psalm 106

Wednesday: Psalm 107

Thursday: Psalm 109

Friday: Psalm 115

Saturday: Psalm 118

Sunday: Psalm 133

11/26 Blessed are the United

Monday: Psalm 127

Tuesday: Psalm 128

Wednesday: Psalm 129

Thursday: Psalm 132

Friday: Psalm 134

Saturday: Psalm 144

Sunday: Psalm 146

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Reading and reflecting on Scripture is a powerful catalyst in your spritual journey, whether you are exploring a relationship with Jesus or have walked with Him for many years. As a church, we will provide you with support, encouragement, and tools to engage God's word. Reading and reflecting on Scripture is a personal discipline. It will be up to you to read, reflect, and discuss.

How can I get started? 

One of the most practical tools we can provide is called the SOAPS study method, which is outlined below.  Pick up your own SOAPS Journal in the foyer at Live Oak.

  What is SOAPS? 

The SOAPS acrostic is designed to help you read and reflect on a passage of Scripture. Journaling helps us hear from God and more importantly apply what you have read to your life and circumstances.  


How does it work?

 -Read a passage of Scripture from a reading plan (you can find reading plans at and other online bibles, but Live Oak will almost always have a Church-wide reading plan in place that follows the current Sunday series.) 

-Turn to a fresh page in your journal. 

- Write today’s date and follow this model…



Write down the main Scripture that stood out to you from a section of reading.



Write down what you have seen in the Scripture. What? When? Where? How? What is happening or what is being communicated? What is God trying to say to me through this part of His Word?



Personalize what you have just read and write down how it applies to your life.  Ask yourself, “How will my life be different because of what I just read?” “How does it apply to my life right now?”



Write out your prayer. This can be as simple as asking God to help you use the Scripture, or it may be a greater insight He is revealing to you. Make it honest and heartfelt!



While journaling is a very personal time, you may want to share some of your daily journaling with your family, friends, or small group. By sharing with others, you may gain new insight or encourage others. 


Check out a sample SOAPS Journal entry here: SOAPS_Journal_sample.pdf

Check out these links to help you engage Scripture:

4 Small Words by Jarrett Stevens

How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stewart

Also...Visit our media library and find the series called BIBLE DIY.  This was a 4 part series that will encourage and give you such practical insight into engaging and understanding Scripture.

Email us if you have questions about engaging God's Word