This summer Live Oak is going to look at 8 statements Jesus made about himself in the Gospel of John

called the I Am statements. Our prayer is that as we examine these I Am passages of scripture

we will encounter Jesus, the great I Am, and discover who we are in Him, as well as the peace and

purpose only He can provide.  I Am is an eight week series beginning on June 4.

To help you better engage I AM, 

check out the resources below...

(If you are looking for series resources for Fixer Upper, which we just wrapped up, 

scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

  •             begins 6/4


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  • "I Am" study tips

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  • online messages

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in life you rarely get a do-over,

but what if you could get a makeover...

What if even your most hopeless circumstances could be redeemed?  

We believe Jesus brings life to things that seem dead.  

We believe He can restore EVERY life and EVERY circumstance. 

Join us for FIXER UPPER where, together, we will learn how to pursue

God and open our lives to His redemptive love.

FIXER UPPER begins on April 23rd at 9:30 and 11:00.

//As always, Fixer Upper will have SERIES RESOURCES made available, including a Bible Reading Plan

and Discussion Questions designed for group or family use.  SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS//



  • Reading plan

    The Bible Reading Plan for this series begins on April 24.  Find it HERE  You will also be able to find it on the Live Oak App and as a hardcopy bookmark.

  • Discussion questions

    Questions are posted on all weeks that our small groups meet.  You are invited to use these for individual contemplation or with your family, as well.

    April 23

    April 30

    May 7

    May 14

  • Watch a sunday message

    Find our Message Library HERE.

    Messages can also be found on the Live Oak App.

    We also post our weekly message on the Live Oak Facebook Page.