April 14th



Our Good Friday Walk-Through Experience is designed to help you meaningfully reflect on Christ's death on the Cross.  

You will walk through multiple stations that will help you remember why Christ had to die and what He went through on our behalf. This is a come and go experience that we are offering over the lunch hour on Good Friday, as well as after work. There will be hands-on activities, and well as reflective readings and prompts, that will bring the meaning and importance of Good Friday

to life for you. 

-Budget 25-35 minutes for this experience, including time you might have to wait in line for your turn.

-Walk through individually or as a group/family

-This experience is designed for those 10 years and older.

-No childcare is provided.  

We suggest parents of little ones take turns going through.  

The waiting parent is welcome to use our playground on the southwest side of Live Oak.